Yuan Zang (臧原)

  Undergraduate Student

  Tsinghua University

  Email: zangyuan17thu [at] gmail.com


I am a senior undergraduate student at Tsinghua University. My research interests lie in computational linguistics and visual computing. I did my undergraduate research at Tsinghua University from 2018 to 2021, under the supervision of Prof. Zhiyuan Liu.



Word-level Textual Adversarial Attacking as Combinatorial Optimization
Yuan Zang*, Fanchao Qi*, Chenghao Yang*, Zhiyuan Liu, Meng Zhang, Qun Liu and Maosong Sun
ACL 2020.


Try to Substitute: An Unsupervised Chinese Word Sense Disambiguation Method Based on HowNet
Bairu Hou*, Fanchao Qi*, Yuan Zang*, Xurui Zhang, Zhiyuan Liu and Maosong Sun
COLING 2020.

Selected Awards


I like swimming and cycling. I also like soccer, basketball, and badminton.

I like cooking and travelling. Every time I travel to a new city, I am enthusiastic about exploring the local dilicious food.